Comply with your air permits through real-time opacity alerts

Measure opacity, monitor your fence line, and get notified when you’re out of compliance.

How APT helps with air permit compliance

Set up real-time air quality sensors

Our wireless MAXIMA sensors measure dust concentrations on your site up to four times per minute.

Visualize dust levels on and around your site

Model dust concentrations and visualize data on a heat map, even beyond your fence line. Using the timeline, you can also review historical data.

Measure opacity and alert operations before you cross limits

Automatically converts sensor readings into opacity levels and get notified when you're out of compliance.

Insights on engineering controls and fugitive dust risk

Use data to pinpoint sources of dust and put effective engineering controls in place.


Powered by real-time dust sensors

Monitor your workforce with personal monitors, or entire areas with stationary monitors. We developed our monitors in-house to integrate seamlessly with our software.

Stationary monitor


Personal monitor


Data quality

Independently tested and validated air quality data

We’ve partnered with AQ-SPEC and the EPA to guarantee reliable air quality data.

If we go over the limit, APT alerts us.

We get notifications via texts or email that we can set at different parameters. I know our primary crusher is always reading a little high. Some days it's right at the trigger point where I'll get the additional notification, so I visually verify and talk to our plant operator [to address the issue].

Environmental Manager

Major producer of construction aggregates

How a leading producer of aggregates manages their fugitive dust risk with APT

Measuring opacity in real- time and collecting defensible data against complaints.

See how APT compares

Real time data
PM 1.0, PM 2.5, PM 10
Integrated cloud
Automatic GPS
Real-time dust mapping
Shift-based notifications
Tipping indicator
Integrated weather data
Customized reports
Particle size distribution
Wearable & area monitoring options
External data integration
Time-series AI
Tracking engineering controls

Better decisions through real-time insights