The dust management platform for heavy industrial companies

We reduce health and environmental risks by combining real-time dust sensors with intelligent air quality software.

Traditional sampling can't solve your dust problems

Workers are at risk for too long

You don't know about dust problems until it's too late

No defense to complaints

You can't defend yourself against community complaints

Overexposures are a black box

You need countless samples to identify the cause of overexposure

Engineering controls are a guess

You’re overspending on engineering controls because you have no data.

We excel in heavy industrial applications


Cement & Asphalt






Powered by real-time dust sensors

Monitor your workforce with personal monitors, or entire areas with stationary monitors. We developed our monitors in-house to integrate seamlessly with our software.

Stationary monitor


Personal monitor


Data quality

Independently tested and validated air quality data

We’ve partnered with AQ-SPEC and the EPA to guarantee reliable air quality data.

Industry leaders solve dust problems with APT

How a leading producer of aggregates manages their fugitive dust risk with APT

Measuring opacity in real-time and collecting defensible data against complaints.

Leading Canadian mining company reduces silica exposure with real-time monitoring

Pinpointing exposure sources with data and alerting workers in high-risk areas.

200+ hours

Saved on dust management


Average annual savings in fines and resources


Deployed sensors

The ability to respond instantly to risks using real time data has been a huge improvement for our operations.


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Founded by world-class PhDs in the field of aerosols and air quality

Learn about our path to becoming the leading dust management platform in North-America.

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