Measure and prioritize SEG exposure levels

Process your samples and get an overview of which SEGs are at risk of overexposure.

How APT helps with SEG analysis

Sample workers with real-time dust monitors

Our wireless MINIMA sensors measure silica concentrations up to four times per minute.

Categorize your samples by SEG, analyte or site

Store all your samples in one place, and tag them for detailed analyses.

Understand SEG exposure levels at a glance

No need for time-intensive spreadsheet analysis. LEAP automatically calculates and visualizes exposure risks.

Quickly understand the biggest exposure contributors

Use the analytics tool to see which tasks contributed most to overexposure, and put targeted controls in place.


No upfront costs with monitoring as-a-service

Buying your own sensors comes with upfront costs, takes time to set up, and requires ongoing maintenance. Let us take the hardware off your plate: Sensors, setup, and maintenance are included in your contract.

Stationary monitor


Personal monitor


Data quality

Independently tested and validated air quality data

We’ve partnered with AQ-SPEC and the EPA to guarantee reliable air quality data.

We're able to understand where to put our money and effort.

With real-time particulate monitoring, we're able to understand which tasks contribute the most to workers' exposure, and justify with data where we need to put our money and effort. Then we're able to loop back and determine how effective we were at that.

Health & Hygiene Manager

Leading Canadian mining company

How a leading producer of aggregates manages their fugitive dust risk with APT

Measuring opacity in real- time and collecting defensible data against complaints.

How APT compares against other dust management solutions

Real time data
Integrated cloud
SEG segmentation
Automated IH note taking and task tracking
Automated statistical analysis
Root cause analysis
Task analysis
Integrated bodycams
Customized reports
Particle size distribution
Wearable & area monitoring options
External data integration
Tracking engineering controls

Better decisions through real-time insights