Fugitive dust
How an aggregate facility reduced risk on fugitive dust emissions

An aggregate and mining facility in southern California faced significant scrutiny from surrounding communities. Citizen science often can foster foster false narratives due to lack of insight and understanding related to air quality. Despite the aggregate facility’s continued efforts to maintain compliance, public pressure continued to mount. APT’s predictive analytics data sets were deployed well upstream to ensure our social license to operate, ensuring current and future risk mitigation.
Looking for a scalable and effective solution, the aggregate facility turned to APT’s wireless sensor networks to help gather more insights. APT’s monitoring platform workflows allows for efficient and effective intervention for reducing risk and liability
APT’s monitors were deployed across various the facility to monitor data across fugitive dust across the fence-line. APT’s platform provided the ability for real-time alerts to allow the facility to quickly respond.

Conventional gravimetric methods require significant time and effort to deploy offline monitoring solutions.  APT can help dramatically simplify this process through real time monitoring and advanced analytics.

APT deployed 4 stationary dust monitors, integrated weather data, and surrounding monitoring data from nearby communities. After several months of monitoring, APT helped Identify local and regional scale impacts to air quality. This allowed the facility to estimate ambient dust concentration contributions from local sources while establishing background air quality levels. Data was Integrated from new sources including wind data and local monitoring data.

Ultimately APT was able to reduce risk for the facility by providing defensible data, demonstrating minimal fugitive dust, providing peace of mind for the facility operators.

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